Do's & Don'ts of Caring for your Winter Outerwear

Posted on April 21 2018

Do's & Don'ts of Caring for your Winter Outerwear

Now is the time to think about putting away our kids' winter gear. Here are some helpful tips to follow:

1) Empty out all the pockets and remove any exterior ski lift tags etc

2) Zip up jacket and/or snow pant.

3) Secure all Velcro, so the Velcro will not catch on the jacket/pant when being washed.

4) Examine the jacket/pant for any soiled areas. You may use a stain remover, but make sure it does not have bleach. Spray soiled area but DO NOT RUB*! Allow to soak in for a few minutes. Use a washing detergent that does not have bleach or fabric softeners. Wash in cool/warm water.

5) To dry, you may put into the dryer on AIR cycle, no heat. Or, you can hang to dry.

6) Once the items are dry, put them away in the closet until next winter.



If your jacket or snow bunting is insulated with Down, please follow these was washing instructions:

1) Follow steps #1 through #4

2) All down items must be machine dried on a LOW or MEDIUM setting, with dryer balls. This will re-distribute the down so it will not clump. Make sure the items are 100% DRY! One small damp feather will clump with other dry feathers.

*Rubbing a stain remover into the soiled area(s) will only embed the dirt deeper into the highly technical fabric. Repeat #4 one more time if needed. 

Updated April 20, 2018


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