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  • Contactless CurbSide PickUp

    April 15 2021 – Sheba Schmidt

    Contactless CurbSide PickUp

    Hey OTTAWA! Now offering EXPEDITED CURB-SIDE PICKUP! STEP 1: Place your order ONLINE. Be sure to select ‘Pick Up’ under the delivery options.  STEP 2: We’ll send you a ‘Ready for Pickup’ notification when your order is ready. Most orders will be available within 2 hours. *Please note orders placed outside of our hours of operation will not be available right at open*STEP 3:...

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  • Columbia's Omni Heat

    January 14 2021 – Sheba Schmidt

    Columbia's Omni Heat

    WOW! It’s 2021!  For the past several years I have been wearing Columbia's OMNI HEAT THERMAL REFLECTIVE products to keep me warm and dry when I go on my daily early morning walks and throughout the winter months. The first winter I started wearing a Columbia OMNI HEAT winter jacket, I was totally amazed at how well the product works!...

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    January 13 2021 – Sheba Schmidt


    Winters in Canada 🇨🇦 have a crazy combination of snow, slush, freezing rain, rain and extremes in temperature. The most important clothing for your kids is their OUTDOOR ATTIRE!  During our Winter Clearance Event, you can shop with confidence for next winter season with our ‘SNOWSUIT SIZE GUARANTEE’! Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the appropriate size for your child...

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  • Buying Kids Winter Boots.The Do's & Don'ts

    September 26 2019 – Sheba Schmidt

    Buying Kids Winter Boots.The Do's & Don'ts

    A common question we are asked: 'Are insulated BOGS warm enough for our Canadian Winters?'I asked Adam Archdekin, our BOGS sales representative, to tackle this topic. Thanks Adam!  BUYING KIDS WINTER BOOTS Buying winter boots. Fun!! There are so many brands, so many styles and so many colours to choose from. It can be daunting. I know. While I may work...

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