Size Up!

Posted on March 10 2015

Size Up!
 Emily Brown, one of our awesome West End Kids’sales associates, gives you great insight as to how to buy Winter Outerwear for next season.

Size Up!

Buying the proper size of winter outerwear for blossoming children is a skill to be mastered.  But fear not!  There are a few tricks to the trade!  Clothing companies tailor size to age but fitting outdoor clothing is completely different.  When purchasing any jacket or pant we need to take into account space for under layers, functionality, and growth room. 

Here in Canada we have winter days that range from sunny -10 with a light wind, to -25 with a wind chill that makes it feel like -35. On cold days such as the ones we’ve been having layers are very important!  Some days a warm sweater or fleece is necessary.  We want to make sure there is enough space to stay comfortable when wearing an extra layer.

During the winter months we can take part in numerous outdoor pastimes.  For some of these activities we require a more tailored fit for better performance and safety.  In this case we’d want to stay more true to size.  In contrast, we can go up in size with all-purpose snowsuits.  Going up in size doesn’t mean it has to be “big”.  Each brand and even the models within them may fit narrow, average, or broad in the body.  All of which flatter different body types while maintaining the proper length to get the longest life out of your suit. 

Lastly we need to factor in growth patterns.  Just as children differ in body type they also differ in growing type.  At West End Kids we typically try to size for two seasons to get the longest life out of your snowsuit as your kids continue to grow.  If they’re fast growers, or even if a young boy has a tall dad chances are he’s going to sprout and keep sprouting!  So again, we go up a size to accommodate. 

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how fast our children are growing but the proof is in the pudding, or the sleeve length in this case.  Purchasing a size larger than their normal clothing is a good way to ensure our children will be warm and comfortable for winters to come.



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