Year Round Weather Protection by Columbia Sportswear

Posted on February 03 2015

Year Round Weather Protection by Columbia Sportswear

Wow...It's already February!! Where did January go?! Some of you wanted to know about the different technologies for warmth, dryness,and breathability in outerwear.

One of the most innovated companies we offer is Columbia. So...I asked Kelly Lawson, our Columbia Sales Representative, to write about the latest technology that Columbia has to offer. Kelly was happy to do so!

Kelly Lawson has been our sales representative for many years and all my staff, over the years, have seen her frequently in the store to answer any questions or concerns they have about Columbia. When it comes to product knowledge, Kelly is always updating my staff!

If you are considering purchasing a Columbia product, this article is a worthy read!

Warm, Dry, and Protected with Columbia Sportswear.

Columbia Sportswear offers a broad range of youth apparel for all seasons. In all seasons we are able to keep your children ‘Warm, Dry and Protected‘ so they (and you) can enjoy their outdoor experiences to the fullest extent. At Columbia, we continue to bring industry-leading, proprietary technologies to the market. OMNI-HEAT ®Reflective lining is one of these industry leading technologies.

OMNI-HEAT ® Reflective boosts heat retention by reflecting body heat back to your body. The unique space blanket inspired dot pattern allows the fabric to breath, and aid in themo-regulation, keeping your children warmer as well as comfortable if they begin to over-heat. The added warmth reduces the need for bulky layers allowing children to move easily. OMNI-HEAT ® Reflective is used in a variety of styles: jackets, pants, hats, mitts, gloves, baselayer, fleece and footwear. These styles are all designed to keep children warmer and more comfortable while being active in the outdoors.

OMNI-TECH® waterproof breathable fabric is used in many of our youth outerwear styles. This industry leading air permeable membrane compares to, or out performs, the best of the competition for waterproofness and breathability. OMNI-TECH® is best suited for your children’s every-day outdoor adventures enabling them to stay dry and comfortable in wet and adverse weather conditions.

OMNI-SHIELD® Advanced Repellency resists rain and stains protecting your child in the outdoors. OMNI-SHIELD® is used on a large portion of our youth styles. It resists liquids from absorbing into the yarns and staining the garment or footwear providing repellency without affecting breathability, look or feel of the material, and greatly extends the functionality and wear of the item. With proper care, OMNI-SHIELD® will last for the life of the garment.


In the midst of the cold of winter we can’t forget that in a few months you will have other ‘protection’ concerns for your children. With OMNI-SHADE® sun protective clothing we can help protect your children against the sun’s harmful rays while being active in the outdoors. OMNI-SHADE® blocks UVA and UVB rays, helping to prevent sunburn and long-term skin damage through tight weave construction, UV reflectors and UV absorbing technology. UV protection differs from SPF (Sun Protection Factor), which is a measure of sunburn reduction from sunblock. SPF does not indicate any protection beyond sunburn. SPF measures the amount of time it takes for sun-exposed skin to redden, while UPF measures the amount of UV radiation that penetrates a fabric and reaches the skin. OMNI-SHADE® is the first sun protective clothing to be endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation. You can read more about the International Skin Cancer Foundation at

West End Kids carries a wide range of Columbia apparel and footwear for all seasons ensuring that your children stay warm, dry and protected in the outdoors.

Kelly Lawson, Columbia Sales Representative


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