The Real Truth about Cotton Socks

Posted on November 29 2014

One of the biggest misconceptions we have concerns the type of socks we all wear in the winter. Growing up in Montreal, I enjoyed skiing in the Laurentian mountains from a young age but I remember how cold my toes would be. It was always a highlight breaking for lunch to take off our ski boots and putting our soaked feet on the ledge of the roaring fireplace in the chalet to warm up.
Thermal socks were available back then, which I owned a couple pairs, but we would all put our cotton socks on first then the thick thermal socks over them, hoping that our toes would stay warmer with the double layer. This was never the case and, although I loved skiing, I remember only too well my frozen toes! It was only when I opened WEK that I found out why this was so!

We all know first hand that our feet sweat like the rest of our body and when we wear cotton socks the cotton fabric absorbs moisture, leaving our socks damp feeling. When your child takes off his shoes and is wearing cotton socks, you may notice their socks are moist and damp and possibly smelly.
With all this being said, a thermal sock,whether it be of merino wool or thermalite construction, must be put on first against our skin to properly wick moisture away from our skin. With anti bacterial protection.
When you wonder why a boot that has a temperature rating of -34c or -40c and your child complains of cold feet, check out the socks he put on!

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Keep Warm and Dry and have fun this winter season!



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