Customer Testimonials

"Customer service! What is it that? Everyday we wonder where we are able to get decent or good customer service. My husband and I live not to far from this store and decided to take a stroll in Westboro Village to find a store that would accommodate our little one as the malls were just not cutting it. It just so happened that when we walked in we were greeted with great courtesy. Okay they did not have what we were looking for but they did the very best to accommodate. We thought maybe it was just a Fluke and that we would not get that courtesy again anywhere. A month passed by and we were looking for some fall jackets, we thought why not go back to WestEnd Kids. As soon as the door opened we were greeted by the employees, eager to help us out. We told them what we were looking for and size. We were outside with our new fall jacket within 10 min. My husbands favorite way to shop. A couple of months pass by and winter is here in full force. Betty Lehtinen Cote my daughters caregiver informed me that my daughter only wants to walk and play in the snow and that we should get her some snow boots as her onsie snowsuit is very slippery. Okay so this was on the 24th of December and my daughter was going back on the 27th. I mentioned this to my husband, who vowed to never EVER go shopping on Boxing day ever again! He is adamant on not going anywhere, but I said our daughter needed them. So as we figured why not just do a kids store and not the mall he agreed. He says to me "what about WestEnd Kids are they Opened, let's see if they will be as courteous as many other times? I said" I am not sure if they are opened". We head out to WestEnd Kids and wouldn't you know it, they are opened for Boxing day. They had a year end sale going on and we thought great we are going to be in here for hours. Well wouldn't you know it we walk in and within seconds " Kathleen" says hi and asks do you need a hand with anything? WE of course say boots and she simply ask what size and is off to find boots of that size. She fits them on our daughter and ask what colour and which one do you prefer? We make our decision and as she is about to go back asks if we would like anything else while she is back there we say " mittens with a string, snowsuit for next year as a joke" Wouldn't you know it, she come back with everything! We then ask for a spring/fall jacket and she said she didn't know if she had any :( but Eric knew and went to look. Eric found a couple and my husband like the ones with owls. went to the cash and was graciously greeted by Ben and Sheba. Paid for our purchases and left. We were in the store for a total of 10-20 Minutes and we were out. We get in our car and my husband asks me if it is Boxing day. I said yes! He said he would love to return to this store everyday.

Do you want a fast, friendly, knowledgeable, courteous and a great place to shop for your kids? Head out to WestEnd kids!

Thanks for everything!

The Burnett's

Catherine Burnett, Ottawa ON

Just wanted to say thanks for your prompt delivery and ease of ordering.

This was my first order, and I couldn't be happier with the outwear that we selected.

I absolutely won't hesitate to order from you again, and will recommend you to others. Your selection of higher end outwear is fabulous!
Thanks so very much! Happy holidays, Tina Bois

Tina B, Windsor, ON

Hi Sheba

We got the package today! The suit fits my daughter perfectly.  She loves it.

Thank you for your quick service

Jennifer M., Calgary, AB


I ordered a Helly  Hansen snowsuit for my daughter from your website on the 23rd of November.  I was quite surprised to see that there was no shipping cost calculated in to my total.  I was thrilled to discover that the snowsuit arrived in the mail today!  (Less than a week to travel half-way across Canada!)  The suit is gorgeous, fits my daughter perfectly, and she and I are both loving it. (Now if only we would get some snow!) 

Thank you for such a positive shopping experience.  I will definitely be a return shopper, and will recommend you to my friends.

Allison B

Allison B., Sackville, NB

Thank you so much for the wonderful service. I was in earlier this week to exchange a North Face coat. You are definitely a model for good service.
Thanks again and see you soon.

Nadia B
Beresford, NS

Nadia B., Beresford, NS


I have been meaning to send this email for the last couple of weeks. I went to your store just before Westfest when I was at my wits’ end trying to find the perfect gift for my fashionista niece. I walked into your store and saw there were two young men working, and inside my head, I am ashamed to admit, I was immediately biased, thinking I would not get good service. Imagine my surprise when they both greeted me warmly and promptly told me about their Westfest sale and if  there anything they could do for me. It was ten minutes before closing and I was feasting my eyes on all the cool clothes you had for youths. They helped me with sizes, took down twenty items I couldn’t reach, because I couldn’t make up my mind….they joked with me, and encouraged me to take my time even though it was getting really close to closing time. At any rate, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with these two young men.  Their service was just overwhelmingly brilliant, something I am not used to getting anymore….as I work in customer service as well….I felt it important for someone to know what a great asset these two young men were….

What a great experience, what a great store!

Thank you,


p.s. the niece almost swooned when she got her Bench apparel….thanks for making me the “cool” aunt!  At a price that didn’t make me want to choke!

Marcia, Ottawa, ON

Hi Sheba,
Thank-you for your quick delivery. They were in our mailbox at the end of our lane this afternoon. These are the greatest mitts ever invented!
Many thanks,
PS: my two boys are really enjoying their snow jackets and pants we bought from you earlier this winter. We love your store! Happy New Year!

Wendy R, Williamstown ON